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朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
22 August 2029 @ 07:28 pm
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朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
18 January 2010 @ 06:44 pm
What a marvelous birthday party I have assembled here on the Pussy Wagon! Bohaha! Those other losers should all be jealous of the fun we're having!

[[ooc: obligatory birthday post? sort of a party? just shower her in rabbit stuffs]]
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
21 December 2009 @ 01:11 am
Alas! It is time for the joyous human holiday known as "X-mas"! I look forward to meeting this Santa Claus in person. He must have talents that would surely aide me in the future. He knows when I have been bad and good! Surely his powers rival that of a god!!
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
31 October 2009 @ 08:46 pm
It is the glorious human holiday known as Halloween and I have prepared the best costume for it!

Am I a glorious animal! Fear my mighty wrath!! Bohahaha!

[[ooc: She's a fearsome chinchilla. Won't be tagging back until the morning. Sorry, moving and v. busy!]]
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
18 October 2009 @ 08:21 pm

[[ooc: Yes, thousands of these are litter on posts and trees and even on milk cartons.]]
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
26 September 2009 @ 07:12 pm
Renji! We ran out of kitty litter for Chappy-Paul! He only uses one brand! This is what it looks like.

He requires 200 pounds of it. Hurry before Chappy-Paul makes happy in your bedroom.

Oh, he also ate your teddy bear. Sorry, I'll uh...replace it.
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
13 September 2009 @ 05:06 pm
Oi! Renji! I found our new friend! He say he likes the name Chappy-Paul and he wants to be our pet!

He's already on the ship and made his space on your bed! Isn't this great?!
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
I can't seem to remember anything before receiving a mysterious pastry. However concerning that is...

Happy Birthday Renji. I...uh...contracted a ship to be built. I hope you like it.


[[ooc: the BBBC might notice a new addition to their fleet. And anyone is welcome to note the new ship.]]
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
11 August 2009 @ 12:38 am
Puffins...are really great, aren't they? So wonderful...

Aside from their bloodthirsty nature and sacrificial slaughters, they are really great.
朽木 ルキア ☆彡 Kuchiki Rukia
27 July 2009 @ 06:16 pm
Ithigo! Ithigo! I lost my Ithigo! Ren-Ren, did you take my Ithigo?!

Bwakuwa-onii! I dun' wanna be a thinigami anymore!

OOC For IchigoCollapse )